Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's a chair for...

Yesterday I had to have some bloodwork done so I took the kids with me.  Its usually an in an out type deal but for some reason, we ended up waiting in the waiting room for 50 minutes before being called back.

Anyhow, in the waiting room they have chairs all around, and one was like a loveseat chair but not quite as big.... inbetween a loveseat and a chair. Amelia climbs up, all charming and cute and says "Its a couch! I'm sitting on the couch!" So, porter sits with her and he says "Its just a double chair Amelia." 

Everyone's smiling at Amelia, who is just being adorable as usual. Hudson, who was super grumpy all morning, says all loud "It's a chair for fat people"

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