Monday, October 20, 2014

book issues

I have a really terrible problem.   I want to read.  I love reading.   I have lots of books I want to finish. But.... other things seem to come up and I never complete anything.  I start reading a book and then another one comes along that sounds SO good that I start that one, too. And then another.  And another.  And then finally I'm so overwhelmed and in the middle (or beginning...) of so many books I don't know where to focus!   This summer is where it all started.... I started the Divergent Series.  I got through 2 books and am only part way through the 3rd.  And now its been so long (and I've started so many others in the meantime) that I don't even remember where I was.  I decided to start a list of books I started but haven't completed yet this summer/fall. GAH! 

  • Divergent series

  • The fault in our stars

  • Summer sisters

  • The art of racing in the rain

  • Momfulness

  • Beautiful Mess

  • Start.

  • Desperate

  • Carry On, Warrior

  • Dare to Dream

  • Christ in the Chaos

  • Five Love Languages of Children

  • The Best Yes

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