Sunday, November 9, 2014


This weekend we went to Birch Run shopping.   Hudson picked out this red sweater at Nautica he looooved so we bought it for him.  He bugged us the whole entire day to wear it.   This morning, we told him he could wear it to church if he wanted to.  He was totally geeked.   On the way to church we overheard this conversation in the back of the truck.

Hudson:  Porter, I knit this sweater!
Porter:  No you didn't!  Mom, Hudson is saying he knit his sweater.  Did he?
Me:  I don't know.... maybe?
Hudson:  Yep!  See!!  That's why they call me a "K"nit-wit.

I about died.  Just.  About.  Died.

Then, after church we stopped at Dunham's.  Hudson hopped out and still had on his sticker/nametag from church.  He says "I could be a worker here!  I'm like.... a MINI worker!"  

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