Thursday, November 13, 2014

what's gotten into me this year?

Usually we don't get our Christmas tree until the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We've actually been known not to put up a tree until freakin' the middle of December.  But this year.... I'm soooo ready to get decorated for the holidays, and it seems like so many of my Facebook friends are ready too!  PEER PRESSURE!

I know everyone complains that Thanksgiving gets looked over but.... why can't you celebrate Thanksgiving with Christmas decorations up?  I think I'm going to this year!!!

Amelia and I went grocery shopping today and we browsed all the Christmas aisles.  I picked up some stocking stuffers for the kids (I love being able to shop for presents with a toddler who won't remember HAHAH!) and I've already started ordering Christmas gifts.   During AJ's dance class I made a list on my phone of random people in our day to day lives that we should make/give gifts to (like their teachers, dance teacher, art teacher, Nancy at the barn who takes care of the horses, the UPS guy... etc).  I'm just... SO in the Christmas spirit this year!   YAY!  

This weekend I think we're heading up to the Novi Equestrian Expo and the boys have riding lessons on Sunday but I think somewhere in between there we're going to try to get down at least some of the Christmas decorations.  Besides.... Ry bought some shelves to organize the attic so this would be a PERFECT time to get that done too!