Sunday, May 10, 2015

the day my pregnant head almost exploded....

over a crispy chicken sandwich at McDonalds.

You heard me.  This was an actual mind blowing order.

Picture this.  We're running late to my niece's gymnastics event and I'm toting along 2 extra kids that I didn't plan on bringing (it was supposed to be just me, Amelia and my grandma.... but the boys decided at the last minute they wanted to go.  *sigh*).  No one has had lunch so I plan to drive through McD's to grab some sandwiches.

I pull up to our local McD's.  Here's the conversation.

Me:  Hi!  I need 2 crispy chicken sandwiches with lettuce and cheese only
McD's Dingleberry:  Which one would you like?
Me:  Uhhhh I don't know... the crispy chicken sandwich... whichever one that is
McD's Dingleberry:  Well, we have a #8, which is a Deluxe. And a #6. And then we have the Dollar Menu sandwich too.
Me: Uhmmm.  It doesn't matter, I just need a crispy chicken sandwich with lettuce and cheese.
McD's Dingleberry:  I need to know which one you want.
Me:  Whichever one.  I just want a bun, with a crispy chicken patty on it, with a slice of cheese and some lettuce.  I don't know which one it is... but that's what I need.
McD's Dingleberry:  I don't know either.
Me:  Holy shitfuck, you've got to be kidding me!  *slams on gas and peels out of McD's*

I drive to a SECOND McD's (mind you, I've ordered this crispy chicken sandwich before for the boys, and no one has had an issue pushing the damn buttons on their fast food ordering machine).

Me:  Hi there.... I need 2 crispy chicken sandwiches with lettuce and cheese only
McD's DingleBerry #2:  Do you want the Deluxe or the Dollar Menu one?
Me: *taking deeeeep breath and almost laughing to myself*   I don't know... I just need a crispy chicken patty on a bun with lettuce and cheese only.
McD's Dingleberry #2: Ok.   Anything else?
Me:  Yes, a double cheeseburger with no pickle, a 4piece McNugget
McD's Dingleberry #2: Hold on a moment please.  (she pauses. I clearly broke her when I added the McNuggets)
McD's Dingleberry #2:  Ok.  So 2 crispy chicken sandwiches with cheese and lettuce only. What else did you need?
(I finally repeat my order and we are able to get our food)

HOLY HELL.  I mean, is this for real?   And they want $15 an hour..... HA!

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