Tuesday, February 28, 2017


This morning, the girls have ridden their play broom & mop "horses" around the house... galloping and making adorable horse noises.   They've laughed together.  Amelia has called Lulu "sweetie" and showed Lulu how to push her stuffed monkey around the house in a laundry basket.  I hopped in the shower, leaving them and their stick horses to gallop the main floor of the house.   I got out of the shower to find quiet.... I crept up the stairs and found two sweet little girls sitting in Amelia's bed, playing with stuffed animals, kids music on the radio, just chattering to each other (well, Amelia chattering to Lulu).   I adore this.
There are times I just can't believe the way they get along.   The boys weren't like this and the boys rarely get along even now.   I often wonder what I/we did wrong as parents to the boys.   What kept them from bonding as brothers?  What kept them from loving each other?  What created this dislike and resentment in each of their hearts?   *sigh*  I'm going to enjoy every moment of the girls loving each other- its so priceless to me.